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5 Ways to Keep Up with Your Cleaning Throughout the Year

Now that the stress of the holidays is over, and it is a New Year, it’s time to think of how to get your home clean and fresh for the next 12 months and beyond. In this blog we’re giving you 5 habits to help you keep your home clean throughout the year. It doesn’t mean we don’t want you to call Fresh Cleaning Pros, but we know that you may want to do a little tidying up between our visits when some guests call and invite themselves over.

Cleaning Habit #1: Declutter Your House:

As a busy mom of 3 active children, it is so easy for our house to get cluttered. Even our clients without children report to us that clutter is a constant companion. One way that has helped me with this is to have a place for everything. For example, one thing around my house that gets cluttered mail and shoes. To help with this I got a wall-mounted organizer to help sort mail and a shoe rack to help my kids store their shoes away. A lot of our cleaning clients find a small table (1 foot square usually does the trick) with a shallow basket on top to leave inside the front door to collect all of their keys. You may want to find a shoe rack to put next to the table.

Cleaning Habit #2: Air Out Your House:

When was the last time you let a little bit of fresh air in your home? If it’s been cold, it may have been a while. According to the EPA the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. These levels in these levels and in some cases, can exceed 100 times that of outdoor levels of the same pollutants. So, open up those windows! I know that for some people it may be cold outside, but a little bit of that cold air can do your house some good.

Cleaning Habit #3: Clean Up Your House as You Go:

This habit has been one that has been instilled in me by my mother since I was a little kid. Especially when cooking in your kitchen. It will make cleaning your house so much easier. For example, as I cook, I am washing the dishes or load them in the dishwasher. As a bonus, I am teaching MY children to load those dishes like my mother taught me.

Cleaning Habit #4: Wash Your Bedding and Your Towels Weekly:

It’s a little gross, but we shed a lot of dead skin on our bedding and towels, not to mention night sweats from being under the blanket. Towels are also a good home for bacteria to breed especially with the humid nature of your bathroom. There are all kinds of harmful bacteria such as staph and fecal strains. Washing your beddings and towels weekly will help in keep these stingy bugs out. If this one grossed you out a lot, be sure you call Fresh Cleaning Pros and we will take care of this for you. Our website is and our phone number is 443-775-3472

Cleaning Habit #5: Dust All Surfaces of Your Home Regularly:

WARNING: Here’s another gross one we’ve added to make sure you call us. Not only do you shed dead skin on your bedding and towels, but you shed them everywhere in your home: couches, kitchen, bathroom, kid’s rooms. Did you know that 70% of the dust particles laying around the surfaces in your home are made up of dead skin flakes? Are you having the same reaction as me? YUCK!!!! One way that helps me with this is having a couple of Swiffers handy and dusting at least every 2 weeks.

If you need help keeping up with these habits let us help you. Schedule our dependable cleaning technicians to come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, or on your own schedule. Every person on our team undergoes a background check and is bonded and insured so you can have complete confidence and peace of mind. Call or text us today at 443-775-3472 or BOOK us directly online and we’ll come get rid of all that ‘dust.’

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