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Flat Rate Pricing


  • Pricing includes sales tax.

  • Pricing is based on the average home. If your home is larger than the average home or worse than “average” condition; it may be subjected to a re-quote.


Our Flat Rate Packages

  • Deep Cleaning (Strongly recommended for first cleaning): Deep Cleaning adds on extra time and additional checklist items, including  baseboards, light switches, door frames, inside refrigerator, inside oven and extra time for the tub/shower(s).

  • Standard Cleaning: Includes just the basics of wiping down exterior surfaces, floors, dusting, tubs, bins. This is usually recommended once a deep clean is done as part of maintenance plan (check out our service checklist for more detail).

  • Move In/Out Cleaning: If you’re moving in & out of a home this is for you.This includes everything in the Deep Cleaning package as well as the following add ons; inside and outside cabinets. 

  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: This is for homes that are more excessive than a Deep cleaning can handle with more fur, some post construction, extra trash, etc

Price Disclaimer: Fresh Cleaning Pros LLC  reserves the right to change prices at any time without prior notice. The prices advertised on our website and any marketing materials may differ. Please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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